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Active Community Members

Community Actions

Older Man w/ Young Girl - Ageless Healthcare

In an effort to give back to the community Ageless Healthcare staff accepts donations of medical supplies, nonperishable food items, and can goods that are dispensed to clients as the need arise. Ageless also hosts BINGO games in surrounding communities that allows to all elderly disable citizens in the area to participate. Ageless participates quarterly in the Opelousas Elderly awareness seminar help in Opelousas, LA.

Client and Employee Appreciation

Appreciation Day

Annually, Ageless Healthcare administrative staff shows appreciation to the clients, support staff and community by hosting a dinner at the facility with extending gratitude and free entertainment.

Annual Christmas Party

Annually in December, Ageless Healthcare hosts a company and opened to the community wide Christmas Party. During this celebration, live entertainment is provided and BINGO is played. Vendors are present to promote health care wellness. Food boxes are given and door prizes are capable of being won. Dinner is also served. Anyone interested in applying for services is given information to do so. Contests to win various prizes are also conducted.